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Plague--Doctor's Profile Picture
Plague. (Matty)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Female/Bi/Waiting for someone

Really cool beans:

:iconxflame-the-foxx: :iconthecomicallemon: :iconthewindsmaster: :iconodiumdevonix: :iconmst-12:
:iconthewubbaduck: :iconendyarts::iconendymush::iconciphersister:

Nice friends:
:iconanimegirl270: :iconultimatrix247: :iconmigwally-zero: :iconanthonyblender:

[I do requests, so if you want me to do something i'll do it! No cost at all ^v^]



Stylized Nightmare Chica
I was looking at fnaf extra menus 
started looking at the fnaf 4 extras
found nightmare chica
Nightmare Chica is now one of my favorites
Buncha' gifts
The gifts for the people in order:






TheComicalLemon (again lol)



You are all wonderful friends, honestly. You guys have really colorful and unique personalities, and its an honor to be your friends! You welcomed me into the discord server kindly and you were never mean to me. Its been such an adventure so far and i can't wait for more in the future! See ya next time Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5]  
Creature scale
This is basically a scale/ref sheet for creatures from my (wth can i call it) original story thing 
Feel free to make one, (lmao i know no one will) if you want to make one,, please make it how they look in the scale
example: they should look really abnormal and distorted with eyes placed in weird locations, and just a basically weird thing covered in black.
You can add mouths too, you can get kinda creative
an aberrant wouldnt be mine so lmao
(if you do make one @ me please id love to see it ;w;'')
I was on a tag free streak,
i was dodging tags
i always waited for the day it would get me and
Y O U    D I D    T H I S    Endymush :iconendymush:

- Real Name: Matty
- Age: [redacted]
- Race: aquatic gray creature lmfao
- Nationality: 3:00 am challenges
- Religion: Eggs
- Status: fag
- Birthday: September 17th
- Zodiac: thats some gay shit my dude
- Hair Color: dark, dark brown
- Eye Color: brown
- Have Tattoos?: i plan on getting some
- Piercings?: *thats fucking gay!*
- Four Eyes?: Yes, sometimes. I have prescription glasses that i can chose to wear or not, i can live without them but it'll be better if i wear them so..

Do You

- Write?: not all the time
- RolePlay?: occasionally 
- Sing?: No.
- Draw?: Hell yes
- Edit?: A lot
- Exercise?: I M    T H I C C
- Play Sports?: get that productive shit out of here
- Dance?: m a y b e
- Read?: who doesnt
- Work?: no
- Blog?: [redacted]
- Drink?: I dranke da sprituu
- Cook?: nah
- Bake?: nah
- Play an Instrument?: my will to live

- Colour?: black/pink
- Animal?: Flamingo/crow
- Book?: Goosebumps
- Movie?: Can't choose one
- Anime?: Attack on titan, One punch man, Boku No Hero
- TV Show?: idk
- Character?: Tsuyu 
- Song: S T O P   T O O   M U C H   T O   C H O O  S E
- Singer?: ??
- Band?: Fallout Boy
- Manga?: Attack on titan
- Actor?: No stop thats gay
- Subject?: art
- Scent?: Coconut pineapples 
- Food?: Mandarin Orange Chicken
- Drink?: i dranke da sprituu buss
- Quote?: "I dont have the right name, or the right looks. But I have twice the heart."

- Sexuality?: Bi 
- Crushing?: kindaa~
- Bf/ Gf?: noh
- Ever Get Merried?: idfk 
- Have Kids?: i d f k
- Divorce?: I   D   F   K 
- Irl or Online?: I    D  O  N T    F U C K I N G    K N O W

-Tea or Coffee?: Tea af
- Wii or Xbox?: what? lmfao boi, where the ps4 option
- Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?: get that stupid shit out of here (harry potter)
- Flowers or Chocolates?: flowers
- Money or Presents?: no preference
- Game Boy or DS?:  D S (never played a game boi sooo)
- Desktop or Laptop?: no preference
- Country or Jazz?: Y A    L I K E   J A Z Z ? i do
- Earbuds or Headphones?: headphones deadass
- Dog or Cat?: on my life, dogs
- Soda or Juice?: soda
- Hot Topic or Aeropostale?:  D E A D A S S    H O T   T O P I C
- Public or Private School?: public
- Bacon or Sousage?: no preference 
- Muffin or Scone?: muffin deadass
- Sleep or Nest Episode?: get that fucking shit out of here

thats it ig
I tag:
ultimatrix247 :iconultimatrix247:
OdiumDevoniX :iconodiumdevonix:
get fucked
  • Listening to: Warriors - Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: n/a
  • Watching: n/a
  • Playing: n/a
  • Eating: n/a
  • Drinking: Water lmao


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i'm watching you because i like your stuff, fuck you
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succ you later
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Im not going to listen to him, (m e   a n d   l e m o n   a r e n ' t    d a t i n g   f f s)
hes jealous or some shit like that :^)
thx for being helpful tho
LeomRenders Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well still, he's trying to get you guys to not like each other, thank you for listening.
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Thank you for favoriting my work and/or the llama :D
AmillianLuud Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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when you try to act like your cool but your actually retarded
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